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Wage Services is market leader of wage administration and provides the wage administration and payroll of small to medium to large companies. You will manage your own staff data and provide the periodical salary mutation with the help of the software that is provided by us. We can match our software any time to your staff computer system. By means of your data we manufacture your salary payments with speed and precision at the lowest rate. A complete board out of your wage administration and payroll is also a good alternative to guarantee the continuity of your salary payments.


Wage Administration:
Wage Services accomplishes salary processing in the full sense of the word, as we are specialized in salary processing for seamen; Wage administration. Since 1982 we provide the wage administration more than 50% of all the Dutch Seamen, which are accommodated in to circa 60 shipping companies in the Netherlands. Naturally we also process the salaries of the office staff of these shipping companies. Our helpdesk supports you with the use of the software that is provided by us and at the same time we support and advise you in reference to questions and problems regarding to TAX and social legislation.


Actrion Wage Services was created on January 1, 2010. The activities and personnel of Wage Services BV has taken over by Actrion Wage Services. Because of this acquisition the activities are increased and the continuity are assured. Wage Services BV was founded on December 1, 2003. At that time Wage Services BV had taken over all the activities related to the wage administration  of (Beluga) GenChart BV. GenChart BV had a good reputation in the sector of wage administration during the eighties. Now in the days the activities has further expanded with the current team of Actrion Wage Services BV.


Boarding Out
Subcontracting of your salary administration (payroll):
Maximum convenience by subcontracting the payroll to a specialist and reliable partner.
Wage Services takes over the responsibility of the whole salary process, whereas you yourself keep the complete control. Wage Services ensures the continuity of your salary payments and provides you of all the needed information. Wage Services provides on behalf of your company the information, among others to the Tax and Customs Administration, industrial insurance boards and other agencies. Wage Services looks after the complete activities which are needed for payroll and identifies external developments which can impact salary calculations


What can you expect from us?
Flexibility and speed at the lowest tariffs is our strength. However quality and service is our most important trademark. ‘The client is always right’. It is not a problem for us, if you want to print the salary payments on your own paper. If you want the by us provided extended overview and management information not printed, but in another format, then this is also a service we are willing to provide. We can also provide your financial journal in another format, so that you can import the desired entries in your own bookkeeping program. We can perform the payments of your staff trough Interpay or we could deliver the files directly to you, which you can process yourself or send it on. If you have the need for more management information then we could look after that as well in consultation with you. In short, everything is possible and open for discussion.


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